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Rise Up - Never Give Up Hope.

My life has been one big roller coaster
Living in constant fear and objectiveness
I have being called names;

Professor for one,
Greatness, the Other
And some really Ego bursting Names

But I have never lived up to those titles
Fumbling at the least chance to prove myself
I'm caught between webs

Failure having a grip on my soul
I should pick myself up
And Dust the dirt from my shoes.

Looking forward and not a glance backward,
I could tell you
It's Easier said than done.

Procrastination has being my way of life
Putting everything off for a later time
A Time That never shows her face.

But this one thing I believe in.
Being knocked to the ground
Or being tied down,
Doesn't make you grounded for life

But gives you a clearer view
Of your next step
Be it to spring up from the floor
Or to rise slowly,

You definitely should be standing
By the end of it all.

Love Expressions - What Better Way Than This.

Morning Lovelies, Huge Apologies for Yesterday.

Now, I'm Officially Welcoming You to My Life, Love and Poetry.

I suggest you have Mad Fun while you here.


I have made progress
A giant leap of faith taken
A great stride overcome

This day has been blurry
For a million time,
I have thought about it
And a million times, i have failed
I never seem to have you

Writing has always been a thing of Joy
A hobby flowing through my veins
Not anymore

I have laid eyes on you
And I can't pick it up

Your beauty surpasses words
Your charisma likens to that of a princess

I long for you
A firm grip of your lips
Hands moving down your thighs
Hearts beating as one

You are flawless
A word reserved for a goddess

You the epitome of beauty
Skin glowing in the dark
Legs long as the Nile River

I refuse to cast my eyes on any other figure
I refuse to crave a different thought

You all I want
And you all I would ever need.

Confession Of A Weary Heart

Welcome, Welcome all to another Beautiful Day.

I see Comments and I see Donations Pouring in.. You just got to Love the Internet. It's a Wonderful Place to Explore. Thank You.

Here is a New Poetry, Titled : Confession Of A Weary Heart.

Please Enjoy!

I love being in control
The feeling of being powerful,
The enormous energy bursting through one's veins
And the sudden truth that makes me invisible.
It Keeps me excited
It gets me going
It's what makes me *ME*.

But Lately,
I have lost  it all
It's all gone
The Feeling,
The energy
I'm weightless

You have taken total control
And I can't get it back.

Your Beauty Engulfs my Heart all Morning
Because you all I can think off
Seeing you giggle,
Has been the highlight of my dreams

I want to please you in a thousand ways possible,
Cuddle with you a million times
And tell you how beautiful you look.

Get to feel every inch of you
From your silk hair down to your face
With Hands tracing further to your waist
Whispering …

I Have Fallen For You - Monday Poetry

Monday Morning Everyone. Welcome to My Life, Love and Beautiful Poetry.

And Thanks Guys, Over the past One (1) Week, My Site's Page views  has Tripled.

This clearly means, I'm writing something Relatable. Thank You. Also, BuymeCoffee is  still in place. Lol.

Another Monday Morning and here is a written poem to brighten up your Day...


More of life,
Less of love.
More of facts,
Less of infatuation.

Words of Advice
They say,
Be smart
They say.
You too young Steven
Step off that podium
It holds nothing but heartbreaks

It sucks all your emotions in
And leaves you stranded at will.

Luckily, i'm not you Sir.

Falling in love is a beauty to admire,
Perfection dripping from one's bones,
Sweet sensations running through your spine.
An Art carefully sculptured to marvel.
*The Monalisa of all feelings*.

Once in a while, I drown myself in this beauty
Get lost in her world
And totally forget reality.
Once in a while, I never want to come out.

What's there not to l…

Sunday Poetry - The Truth Shall Set You Free

Yeah, It's Sunday Guys..Welcome to My Life, Love and Beautiful Poetry.

I felt this was the proper day to post this.

For two reasons mostly;

- To Say the Truth.. I have been told Sunday, is the Day for Atonement mostly.  :)

- And Because I feel like writing. I don't want to starve my readers with the most "Garnished Words Ever Prepared"

The truth shall set you free.
My daily message in church
What really is the truth?
What you really hiding from the world?

I pride myself of a perfect life
The obedient servant
Everyone's Go-to Buddy
This really is a lie.

I'm full to the brim.
My skeletons are punching holes in my conscience
Nothing truly is hidden under the sun.
It's time to be free
From every shackle,
And every chain.
Please don't hate me.

Beware of the Quiet ones,
They are masters of deceit.
Carefully dissecting one's thoughts,
Waiting for the right moment to pounce.
And "Waiting",  i'm gifted at.

Spill your gu…

Poetry - I Hate You Michael

Happy 6th of April Everyone. Thanks for being here. Truly Appreciate. And Welcome to My Life, Love and Beautiful Poetry.

Yes, For the Continuous Donations on BuymeCoffee, I'm honored. Thank you.

I woke up in a good mood and felt I spill this out now before, the words escape my memory.

Please note: the name(s) being used, are not directly related to anyone. Including myself. I tend to see the world from a different perspective in regards to mine.

And oh, One last thing, Do leave a comment if you find this Poem Relatable. I promise to write back.


Say something.
You are a player
All Your friend's knows this,
I know this,
Everyone knows this.

Prove me wrong for once
Be serious with me.
Do you really love me like you claim?

No girl,
I don't.
You said it already.
I'm a confused being
And I can't drag you along.

Be it Love,
Or the occasional infatuation,
Life has given me a taste of it all.

Love was intoxicating at first.
And in …

Loneliness is a State of Mind

Welcome to My Life, Love and Beautiful Poetry. it's a Freaky Friday and I'm hoping I Switch Bodies or personality with a fun loving individual.

Because, right about now, I just want to leave my thoughts and just un-earth myself.

But before I wish that to happen, here is a short Poem for you and I.. Enjoy!


My go to friend
A quiet time from reality,
From My past,
And all things gloomy.

Feelings buried deep down my soul
I tend to hide the pains
Scars smelt with coal
But Invisible to the naked eyes.

Depression setting in,
Voices calling for my head
But living is all I want to do

Loneliness is a state of mind
They said,
Making friends is as easy as A and B
They said.

As cliche as this sounds,
I don't need friends
I just want you.
Yes Pumpkin,